Monday, November 17, 2008

Lotto Tickets, Eating for Life & Premier Designs...

Don't get me wrong... I would definitely not say that purchasing lotto tickets is the road to financial success. When I was making my list, however, I realized that I had never before tried my luck with the Kansas Lottery. Saturday was the day! I bought ten $1 tickets and won $15! Not bad, huh? I guess I better quit while I'm ahead. Winning that extra cash put me in the mood for shopping, so I hit the mall to get a start on our Christmas lists. I'm now half way done with one person on my list. How frustrating is that??? We (meaning I - because Cole doesn't do much of the shopping) have a LONG way to go!

I'm finally able to check #55 off my list, as well. Last week was my final class in Carrie's (she's the dietitian at our gym, and a friend of mine) "Eating for Life" series... I really feel like I've made some progress with eating habits and I've re-energized my exercise program. Tonight Cole and I are having our post Boot Camp evaluation meeting with Carrie. We're getting weighed, and she's using one of those pincher-things to measure our body fat. Yeah, sounds like fun, huh? Hopefully my BMI will have gone down!!! That's just the motivation I need heading into the holidays.

In other news... I signed on with Premier Designs as a Jeweler in late October. I know... It sounds so official! So far I've had two shows, and my third is Wednesday night. The company has really impressed me - their entire philosophy is Biblically based, they're debt-free and they have the best hostess benefits and commission program of any direct selling company I've seen. I've easily recouped my expenses for starting up, and gotten lots of great jewelry in the process. A show I held in Wichita earned my hostess over $300 (10 items) of FREE jewelry. It feels great to be able to reward my hostesses with such generous benefits. That said, feel free to give me a call if you're interested in earning some free jewelry for yourself! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

#36: Turkey Trot & Kids Gobble Jog

The first-ever Turkey Trot is complete! Whew!

Over 90 people registered for the trot, with about 72 adult finishers and 12 Gobble Joggers in the kids event. It was a first for Rock Springs and hopefully it won't be the last! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as sunny or calm as forecasted; there was a chilly breeze. The trees were pretty bare from windy gusts earlier in the week... Hopefully next year we'll be able to have some colorful fall foliage for a more scenic event. We had lots of positive feedback! Runners are a resilient group - the cold weather didn't slow down our turkey trotters - we even had 12 register on the day of the event! Here are some photos of family and friends trotting throughout Rock Springs. Thanks for your support everybody!!!

Paul and Cole.

Jess - lookin' good!

Almost finished!

One of my favorites... :) Mom and the in-laws.
I'm pretty sure this is when she was telling an
embarrasing story about my childhood. Yeesh.

Announcing the winners. I hate speaking into
a microphone. Yuck. "Not it" for next year!