Monday, October 27, 2008

When technology fails us...

Amanda's Stats:

Overall Place - 2128/3493
Division Place - 292/511
Sex Place - 1028/2058
Net Time - 2:14:07
Pace - 10:26

Cole's Stats:
Overall Place - 2805/3493
Division Place - 235/248
Sex Place - 1301/1435
Net Time - 2:28:42
Pace - 11:39

The look on Cole's face when he saw the "official race results" online was priceless. Evidently I beat him by 14 minutes... even though you can see us finishing side-by-side above. So much for those electronic chip thingies being accurate! (Ok, we weren't exactly side-by-side. I really did beat him, but to be fair it was only by a second or so...) I guess he'll just have to run another 1/2 marathon to prove he can run faster than 11:39 minute miles! Poor guy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hasta La Vista, Half-Marathon!

#53 is toast! We both made it - with all fingers and toes intact. Our finishing time was about 2:15, a little longer than Cole's original goal of less than 2 hours... I think he understands much better now that finishing is the goal! I wouldn't necessarily say that Cole enjoyed the run, but the overall experience was a good one and he was glad to have done it. When I asked him what his thoughts were, I believe the exact response was, "never again." I guess distance running isn't for everyone.

It's been said that marathons make a great metaphor for life. What a true, true statement. We conquered hills when I just wasn't sure my legs could take me all the way, struggled through intermittent aches and pains, whispered faithful prayers, shared frustrations and joys with each other, watched glassy-eyed as white headed men and women passed us by, celebrated the uplifting songs of live musicians, and kept going until the glorious finish line... It was worth every minute, just to reach the finish!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ready or not?

Not. We are not ready. The half-marathon is Saturday, and our training has been pathetic. Don't get me wrong - we've been working out regularly. We just haven't been logging the distances necessary to build up our endurance. But Cole says distance running is "all in your head." Boy, is he in for a surprise. Hehe.. I feel totally unprepared in comparison to previous runs I've completed... 13.1 miles sounds looonnnnggg. Reeeeeaaallly long. This may, in fact, be my last-ever blog posting. By the time I crawl to the finish, my fingers will no longer be capable of typing. Worn to the bone, mere nubs. Okay, enough of this whining. I guess it's probably my own fault.

The real question is, Kansas City, are you ready for us?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Annual Zubaz Tailgate!

I was duped... We all were.

I'm referring to the girlfriends and wives who participated in the First Annual Zubaz Tailgate. Somehow the boys convinced us "all the other girls are wearing them!" So we all showed up in the pants, with the exception of Cindy. (She's the smart one in the group.) We were quite a sight. Andy, the mastermind behind our tailgate, is convinced that next year there will be 30-40 participants, and he's nominated me to make a banner. "Annual Zubaz Tailgate - It's a Pants Party!" Here are some of my other favorite pics from the weekend. The Wildcats may have been a disappointment, but we know how to have a good time - win or lose!