Monday, April 20, 2009

Texas or Bust!

This is a big week for us... we're headed to Texas for a wedding/vacation. First, we'll spend a few days in San Antonio, doing the River Walk thing... Then we'll head to Austin to "keep it weird" for Mark and Becky's wedding. So, after spending this weekend in Winfield, and getting home last night around 9:00, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the packing and trip preparations that can be so stressful before a vacation! I'm working today and we fly out early in the morning...

We had a great weekend in Winfield. I had two jewelry shows, which were lots of fun and both went pretty well. It was also Hannah's first prom... I can hardly believe that my baby sister is old enough to go to prom!!! In Winfield, finding the most creative ride is a pretty big deal. (When I was a junior, we pushed our dates in shopping carts! Sounds weird, but Dad wired up flashing lights, and we threw confetti... Lots of fun!) Hannah's group had a fantastic ride, possibly the best I've ever seen. The Flinstone-mobile, as we called it, was made mostly by Hannah's date, Kevin. Mom and Dad and Kevin's parents added some finishing touches. It was a hit! They even won the "most creative ride" award.

Lots of pictures to come!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

#60: Breakfast in bed...

Number 60 is an item on my list that I've been dreading. I never thought I'd get it done... for several reasons. First of all, Cole is an early riser and a light sleeper. I am neither of those. So I knew that even if I made it out of bed before him, all of the clanging in our kitchen would surely get him up before I could actually bring him breakfast.

By some stroke of luck, I woke up early Sunday morning and I was wide awake, no chance of snoozing a little longer. Cole has been working long hours lately, so he was awake, but still pretty tired. It all went something like this:
A: Will you stay in bed for just a little while longer?
C: Sure. Why?
A: I need to check you off my list - would you prefer pancakes or french toast?
C: Surprise me. But I still think it's weird to eat food in bed.
A: Just work with me here... take a few bites and then you can get up. Don't move... I'll be back.
Now wasn't that romantic?! :)