Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tonja's Senior Pictures

I've always had an interest in photography. It started in high school when I was on the yearbook committee - or whatever you want to call it. (Cole would say geek squad, I'm sure... but in all reality, we were a very cool group!) During college I took my first official photography class - a one hour, easy-and-fun course taught by Tod Megredy at Southwestern College. What a blast! Ever since, I've wanted to get the hobby really going, but just couldn't seem to find the time, energy or money... Nice cameras aren't cheap! About a year ago my friend, Sarah, started her own photography business - with lots of encouragement from me. :) Sarah's new biz has been going great, and for awhile now she has been suggesting that I give it a try... Recently she even loaned me one of her cameras to practice my skills. Thank you so much, Sarah!!!

I was extremely lucky to get the chance to "practice" on Tonja, a foreign exchange student from Norway who is staying with my family this year. Tonja was so much fun to photograph - she was completly laid back, patient with my lack of experience and willing to try just about anything. I couldn't have asked for a more cooperative or beautiful model... The girl has absolutely flawless skin and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!!! Here are a few of my favorite shots:



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy, busy!

I'm almost TOO busy to keep up on my blogging lately! What's a girl to do?!

In the past few weeks, we've had tons of guests at 109 Northfield! First (Oct. 10th) was the Anderson wedding, followed by a home football game and our annual Zubaz tailgate on the 17th. So... here is a quick and easy photo tribute to the past few weeks:

Tyson and Jamie got hitched. The wedding and reception were gorgeous, as were the bride and groom.

Our friends all looked smashing... here are a few of them!
Jess and Josh Horton

Andy and Sarah Pavkov

 The 2nd Annual Zubaz Tailgate was a HIT! Our group grew to over 30 members. The ringleader, Andy, has dreams of growing the tailgate to over 50 next year... If you're interested in participating, Andy can get you discounted pants... Come on! Everybody needs a pair of these. Email Andy by clicking here!

Out tailgate was complete with a banner, and K-STATE Snuggie! Good times were had by all...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All hail the queen!

I am totally and completely biased, so it's a good thing I didn't get to vote. :) Congrats to my baby sis, Hannah, who won Homecoming Queen at Friday night's football game! She is such a sweetie... hard to believe she is already a senior in high school! It seems like just yesterday when Hannah would beg Jess and I to take her to the "session-con-stand" at football games when we were in high school. Dad was even in tears watching her walk across the football field. The baby has officially grown up! I'm feeling a little emotional and a little old, too...

It was really fun to get back and see my family and watch the Vikings WIN, too. Here are a few photos from my quick "up and back" trip Friday. We had three couples crashing with us this weekend for a friend's wedding, so I wasn't able to stay in Winfield for long and Cole didn't get to make the trip... I'll attempt to post some pics of the Anderson wedding later this week, too.

Check out the football Grandma Joyce caught at the game!
Hannah's Fan Club:
Dad, Mom, Grandma, Jess and Andy