Monday, October 27, 2008

When technology fails us...

Amanda's Stats:

Overall Place - 2128/3493
Division Place - 292/511
Sex Place - 1028/2058
Net Time - 2:14:07
Pace - 10:26

Cole's Stats:
Overall Place - 2805/3493
Division Place - 235/248
Sex Place - 1301/1435
Net Time - 2:28:42
Pace - 11:39

The look on Cole's face when he saw the "official race results" online was priceless. Evidently I beat him by 14 minutes... even though you can see us finishing side-by-side above. So much for those electronic chip thingies being accurate! (Ok, we weren't exactly side-by-side. I really did beat him, but to be fair it was only by a second or so...) I guess he'll just have to run another 1/2 marathon to prove he can run faster than 11:39 minute miles! Poor guy.