Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ready or not?

Not. We are not ready. The half-marathon is Saturday, and our training has been pathetic. Don't get me wrong - we've been working out regularly. We just haven't been logging the distances necessary to build up our endurance. But Cole says distance running is "all in your head." Boy, is he in for a surprise. Hehe.. I feel totally unprepared in comparison to previous runs I've completed... 13.1 miles sounds looonnnnggg. Reeeeeaaallly long. This may, in fact, be my last-ever blog posting. By the time I crawl to the finish, my fingers will no longer be capable of typing. Worn to the bone, mere nubs. Okay, enough of this whining. I guess it's probably my own fault.

The real question is, Kansas City, are you ready for us?