Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Picture Perfect

Last month my friend Stacey sent me a text asking if I would be willing to take some family pictures for her. Of course I wanted to!  They  have the cutest little girl who is just about two, and I was dying to take some shots of her gorgeous blue eyes!!!  I was sooo excited for another chance to play with my camera...

Until I learned that "family pictures" included:

  • THREE kiddos under two years of age (Stacey's daughter AND her sister's super cute twins)
  • SEVEN adults (plus two baby bumps!)
My friendly little photo session jumped from a manageable group of three to TEN! (12 if you count the bumps.)

GULP! Going in, I was extremely nervous. I think overall, we had a fun time and wound up with some adorable pictures, not hard to do when you're shooting such cute kids! The group shots were the toughest... As you can imagine, it was pretty challenging to get all of the kiddos looking at the camera. I did my best! :) Some of my favorite moments from the day wound up being candids of the kids in the leaves. 

They are so precious...