Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rally Time

Last weekend I had so much fun doing the "bling thing" with my favorite jewelry ladies. Premier had their Regional Rally in Kansas City for the second year in a row... LOVE that it's in KC. Three years ago we made the very chilly trek to Des Moines - yikes! I'm pretty sure at one point the temperature gage read -25 degrees that year... BRR!!!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our girl-time!

Isn't Kailen adorable??? Here she is walking across the stage for her "Amethyst" award! GO, KAILEN, GO!!!

 Here I am with my upline, Heather and one of my favorite "Designers," Kasey! :) We had a fantastic time - and Premier released their new spring line at the Rally! WOW!!! I am loving all the new spring pieces. In fact, I just received my shipment today! Now I'm faced with a very tough dilemma... what to wear first?!?!?!