Sunday, July 8, 2012

FOUR Months & THIRTY Years!

It's 12:02 as I begin writing this... so Cole is now officially 30! :) He says he's been robbed of seven hours by Italy. Poor guy. If we were still in the USA he'd be 29 for a little while longer...

Miss Eva is now four months old. She is a blessing in so many ways. Each day we see more and more of her personality - lots of babbling, reaching, grabbing, rolling around and smiling. Her sweet little voice and smiles just make us melt. This time last year we had recently found out I was pregnant (finally!). I will always remember telling Cole late one night a few days before his birthday. I can never keep a secret. When I first realized we were expecting I thought I'd keep it to myself for a little while and then tell him on his birthday. Fat chance. Instead I ended up waking him immediately. What a tearful, exciting and overwhelming moment that was.

These two are my whole world. Many, many people told us (before Eva) how becoming a parent teaches you to love in an entirely new way - a way you never thought possible before. Of course they were right. Our love for Eva amazes us and definitely has strengthened our relationship and love for each other. Watching Cole as a father has really been incredible.

Our shipment was delivered by the movers Saturday, so the apartment is a complete and total disaster right now. Instead of getting organized, we took a long walk around Como. Makes sense, right?! :) This town was a busy place today. Many stores here are closed on Sundays, but that didn't stop people from enjoying the weather... We mostly walked around the lake. I think it'll be our new favorite route - we went much further than we intended to go. There was amazing scenery the entire time!