Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Bluegrass Blues...

Last weekend my hometown hosted the 41st National Flat Pickin' Championships and I had to miss out... an awful tragedy. I am not being dramatic. Missing Bluegrass is like dying a little bit inside. Really! The Walnut Valley Festival, known to Winfield natives as "Bluegrass," to all others as "Winfield," and to my dad as "Big Blue," is an event I refuse to miss. Unless I am out of the country and it's nearly financially impossible (and impractical) to attend. Or one of Cole's cousins gets married that weekend. Why on EARTH anyone would choose the 3rd weekend in September for a wedding is beyond me. (Sorry, Becky!)  :) Some of you reading this think I'm being ridiculous. You're wrong. Others think those are both poor excuses for missing WVF. I know. {Head hanging in shame.} Unacceptable.

Our family started attending the festival in 1998 (right, Mom?) when we moved to Winfield, and I've only missed twice since then. Making me the black sheep of our family... and campsite. For me, the festival officially marks the beginning of fall. I was so excited for Eva to experience her first Bluegrass... tye-dyed onesie and all. So I've been a little down lately. Slightly homesick and just bummed out about other fall things we're missing out on. Like another important one... K-State football. Yay for a great season so far, but each win makes me SAD not to be there... Poor me.

You probably aren't feeling very sorry for me. I'm in Italy, for crying out loud... living La Dolce Vita! (Someone out there is saying... and you don't even have to work! Yeah, yeah..) Don't get me wrong. I am extremely thankful for every moment of this opportunity. We are seeing amazing things, experiencing amazing things. And I get to spend a lot of quality time with Eva. Trust me, I am so grateful! Unfortunately, that doesn't stop me from getting a little down now and then. There's a lot that we are missing out on. Life back home hasn't stopped, and that often makes us wonder how we'll adjust when we return... and everything we left behind has changed.

Now that the 2012 festival has passed, I will let myself think about Bluegrass again.. I honestly have just tried to avoid any thoughts before, it was just too much of a bummer. At least I'm not alone. I know I'm not the only one this week with a case of the Bluegrass Blues. Everyone who was in attendance has them, too... because the 2013 festival already seems so far away and the countdown has only just begun.