Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I surprise myself a little - never thought a blog was my style... but here I go! I'll do my best to update this regularly. As my life isn't terribly exciting, I don't intend to drop earth shattering news here, just fun facts in the life of Amanda. :)

Happy 2008 to you all!!! So far the New Year has been pretty uneventful for Cole and I - we've enjoyed the standstill of January after the hustle and bustle of holiday travel. I am working on (thinking about working on) my New Years Resolutions to: 1. Lose Weight and 2. Get Back in Shape. Original, huh - same as every other American... Cole, on the other hand is attempting to gain weight. Unfortunately, he is losing the weight that I wish to be losing. Ahh, the frustration!

In other news...
  • I am psyched about the possibility of the K-State men's team beating KU tonight... Go Cats!!
  • It's that time of year again and we're looking forward to hosting a small Super Bowl get together Sunday... who plays again??
  • Monday we have tickets to watch Will Ferrell in action! He's coming to K-State for a stand-up gig...

More on us later. For now, have a fantastic week!