Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm baaack. Finally! Much has changed since my last post. I figured I'd be terrible about keeping up with a blog - I thought right. Some things worth noting... I am so excited to have accepted a job with Rock Springs 4-H Center as their marketing director! After a stressful and financially draining position with First Command Financial Services, I am ready for the move. There are lots of ideas swimming in my head about how I can spread the word about Rock Springs! (If you know anyone who plans a camp, conference or retreat, I would love to know them, too.) I start the position Monday... eek!

Cole and I had a very productive weekend. Cole shampooed the carpeting and I painted the livingroom... it's about time! We've been wanting to paint since we bought the house. The first bucket I brought home resembled mint-flavored ice cream. Not good. I bought a second bucket and the color was much better. Lots of pressure there - I always end up choosing funky paint colors, but am pretty confident the look is working. We wound up with a brown/olive color... Hmm... Now we need something to hang. Shopping, anyone? :)