Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Got Hail???

Manhattan has seen some ferocious weather over the last week! During a terrible hail storm the entire west side of town was pounded with up to softball sized hail. Click the YouTube link below to see more. The video was taken from the Manhattan Regional Airport... Tons of vehicles were totaled! Fortunately, we experienced no damage. June has definitely been a busy month for insurance companies in Manhattan and Junction City. Our next door neighbor, who recently returned from Iraq, was driving in the storm and said that the experience was like being bombed or shot at. Quite a statement, coming from a soldier who actually has been bombed and shot at!


Last weekend was spent in Topeka for Jessi and Josh's wedding - what a great time! The Hortons looked fantastic, and we had so much fun celebrating with all of our friends. Two summer weddings down (Bracks and Hortons) and three to go! Whew!