Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September can only mean one thing...

It's here! September is finally here. To thousands of people from throughout Kansas (and even the world) September means the Walnut Valley Festival / National Flat-Pickin' Championships, known as "Bluegrass" to Winfield natives, and "Winfield" to all other guests, has arrived. It all begins weeks before the festival with miles of campers lined up to stake-out their campsite. Then the "land rush" takes place. I have had the good fortune of helping out with this event, and I'll never forget it! When I was atttending Southwestern College I skipped one of my morning classes to ride along and help Dad with our camper... (Clearly, Bluegrass ranks above attending class in our family!) You really need several people for the land-rush process. Dad drove and I rode shotgun with coils of extension cords and water hoses wrapped around each arm. My instructions were to sprint from the vehicle and plug in before all the outlets and faucets were taken...

Bluegrass is an experience -from start to finish! So, friends, if you're reading this we've probably tried to convince you to join us at the festival, or at least "Stumble Inn" to our campsite. Join us for some great food, participate in "Doo-Rag Saturday" and, oh yeah, listen to some authentic bluegrass music, too. (: This is what it's all about:

Small Potatoes - One of my new favorites... Great lyrics.

Tommy Emmanuel - Opened for the Olympics in Sydney

Cadillac Sky