Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did you know?

If you're anything like Cole and I, you're impatiently waiting for your tax return... after the layoffs at Parker Hannifin, we were fortunate that Cole got to keep his job, but with a required 10% pay cut and reduced bonuses. Ouch! So anyway, we're stockpiling any spare change we can, building our savings up. Just in case...

Our itty bitty Kansas return came mid-March, and I've been checking our account frequently to see when the Federal will arrive. Not that we're doing anything exciting with it - saving most and using some for our trip in April, a much-needed vacation to Texas for Mark and Becky's wedding! (Very little economic stimulation coming from the Eilders this year, sorry folks.) Long story short, did you know you can check for the exact day your Federal return will be electronically deposited, if you've selected that option?! Just enter these three things:

1) Your SSN.
2) How you filed. (Single, Jointly, HOH, etc.)
3) The dollar amount of your return.

And PRESTO! The exact date of your deposit appears. March 27th, in our case; I love Fridays! This may be the smartest thing our government has ever done. :) Only kidding. Click here to try it out!