Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Shower in Winfield

At our appointment Tuesday, Dr. Welch scheduled an induction date... Evidently at 38 weeks, our little girl is already measuring 40. Hopefully it's because she has her daddy's height and not her mommy's hips! ;)

So Baby E will officially be here on March 7th, assuming she doesn't decide to come earlier! We cut it close with the shower in Winfield - not realizing just how quickly things would progress towards the end of the pregnancy. It was a beautiful shower - organized by my sisters and with some help from Mom, too. The girls hung paper lanterns and tissue paper pom-poms from the ceiling, transforming the country club into an explosion of pink! I'm sure all the golfers filtering in and out appreciated that... They even ordered a cute cake and made a diaper cake, too. It was all really special - so beautiful! Lots of friends and family members came for the shower and it was so great seeing everyone. I always end up feeling guilty after it's all over - there's never enough time to really have a good chat with everybody... but I am so appreciative for the time I did have with everyone and for their generosity, too!