Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello from Cleveland!

Yesterday we left Manhattan and officially began our BIG journey… It was a difficult weekend, since we said our final goodbyes to many friends, both of our families and also the dogs. Wow. Lots of tears were shed. We knew it would be tough, but I think we both underestimated just how difficult it would be to leave everything and everyone we know behind.

The last few days have been some of the hardest I can remember – ever. Not only are we tired from traveling, but also emotionally drained from leaving loved ones, pets and our home behind. As Cole said last night, “I kind of feel like we're homeless.”  
There is nothing as perfect as a peaceful, beautiful sleeping baby. 
Nap time. What a special Father’s Day moment... one I’ll remember forever!
We flew from Manhattan – Chicago – Cleveland. We’re staying at the Marriott until Friday when we are supposed to leave for Milan. (Yes, I reminded Cole that homeless people don’t usually get to stay at the Marriott…) However, there are still some questions about the dates on Cole’s work visa (which he just received Tuesday) and whether or not we will definitely be leaving as our current flight itinerary stands. 

When we arrived at the welcome dinner last night, one of the first things the program director did was apologize to us... He said that most countries aren't as difficult to work with as Italy. Often the Italians reject paperwork for minor grammatical errors and/or come up with new, surprise requirements at the last minute. It sort of feels like nothing is ever finalized when working with them. We will learn more in the next few days.
Eva's first flight!

Eva was the perfect little traveler yesterday! She slept completely through both of our flights. At first, she was fussing just a bit leaving Chicago, obviously fighting sleep, but once the plane started taxiing down the runway preparing for takeoff, she fell deep asleep. We were relieved. Her ears didn't seem to bother her on either flight, but we did give her a pacifier as much as possible since many people had given us that advice. What a little trooper she has been! I think it was also helpful having nearly three hours layover in Chicago between flights. We had plenty of time to feed and change her and let her wiggle around a little. 

Friday will be a true test for us as new parents. We'll have 8 hours of sky time between Newark, NJ and Frankfurt Germany. Please remember us in your prayers!!!