Thursday, June 7, 2012

THREE Months Old!

Eva is three months old today! Time has gone so quickly... earlier this week we were out and about and ran into a friend with a one-week-old baby. The difference between Eva and Mallory was amazing! What a reminder of just how much she has grown in only a few months. Our sweet girl is developing quite the personality. We encourage her to talk as much as we can - she has even started babbling to herself in her carseat or bouncy seat at home. She talks along while mommy reads to her - sometimes she is loud! Eva is finding her voice and developing her lungs a little more each day. 

Here are more pictures from Eva's first trip to the lake.. she hated her life jacket at first, but eventually wore herself out fighting it and realized that the head support made a perfect pillow. She napped on the dock much of the day. I think Eva is going to be a lake girl! Maybe we'll try for a ride on the tube next summer... :) She now has FOUR pairs of sunglasses... all gifts. The girl is stylin' already! 

Eva had her 4 month appointment early since we are getting ready to leave. She has grown a bunch since last month! These percentiles are accurate for her age even though her appointment was early this time around. She is tall like her daddy!

25.5 Inches - 97%
13 Lbs. 10 oz. - 74%