Friday, August 24, 2012

Rome {Trevi Fountain & The Spanish Steps}

Legends say that if you throw a coin into Trevi fountain (using your right hand and tossing over your left shoulder) you're destined to return to Rome. Who knows where that idea originally came from... probably from the Roman government looking to make a few euros... :) Actually, about  3,000 are thrown in each day! And supposedly it's used for the needy in Rome, which we saw plenty of, sadly... So we threw coins. We posed for pictures. The fountain was gorgeous - and enormous! This was a fun stop. :) BUT it was crowded... It's hard to tell by the photos, but there were people everywhere... shoulder-to-shoulder. We were paranoid about pick-pockets, lucky for us nobody fell victim! We walked back by during the evening time and the crowd was still there!

 It's hard to tell, but here's Eva in front of the fountain with Grandma. :) I love this picture - don't they both look so happy?!

The fountain at night...
 After visiting the fountain we kept wandering - eventually finding our way to the Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps... another popular tourist stop, and another crowded place! The staircase was quite impressive and beautiful! Here are more pictures! Enjoy!

Hannah in front of the steps.. getting ready to CLIMB! 
 As if we hadn't done enough walking... we decided to head up the widest staircase in Europe, all 138 steps, and check out the view. Eva stayed at the bottom and relaxed with Grandma while we made the trek.

There we are... I think this was halfway up. Stopping for photos! :) Keep climbing! 
Did I mention our snack break that afternoon? :) Hehe..