Friday, October 19, 2012

Bellagio & Brunate

During Kate and Kent's visit, we also took the ferry and funicolare! We rode the ferry  - stopping at Lecco and then re-boarding and riding on to Bellagio, with a picnic and some hiking around small lake towns in between. The weather was awesome - sunny and mostly clear, so our views of the lake were gorgeous. Lake Como is situated in (what we have been told) are the pre-Alps. It's one of the deepest lakes in Europe and is dotted with beautiful little Italian villages. The two-hour boat ride is definitely scenic!

Looking for fish! 

We also took the cable car up to Brunate for an afternoon/evening of awesome views. Even though it was an overcast day, we left shortly after dark and saw the lights of Como from above, which was a special treat - it was amazing how much of town we could still see at night.

Going up!
Here's where the cable cars go around each other... One going up, one down.
One of my favorites - inside the cable car.

Como at night! :)