Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back Blogged

We're back in Como! We reached Milan around noon today and took a nap as soon as we got home - a six hour nap. Probably not the best idea for getting Eva's internal clock back on schedule... but we were so. tired. After a long journey, it's 3:30 a.m. here and Eva is wide-eyed and full of giggles. Somehow, Mommy is hilarious this time of night... I just can't force her to sleep any longer. So I'm up with her, trying to help her burn some energy and get her back to bed. 

I've fallen so far behind with my blog over the past few months. Definitely need to write a few posts and "catch up" on some great memories from this fall. Our trip back to the States was fast and furious - and fantastic, too. It felt so good to spend time with family and celebrate Christmas at home! The trip back flew by, but somehow walking into our apartment, it felt like we hadn't been here for years. It definitely made me realize that the second half of our time here will fly by - and someday all of this will feel like a distant memory. So my New Year's resolution - and I'm not normally one for making resolutions - is to live in the moment. And to enjoy the remainder of this trip to the fullest! Shouldn't those be resolutions we all have - for life? 

So many people asked us how our time in Italy has been going... and we would be lying to say, "Fabulous!" But it's also hard to honestly explain the challenges we've had without sounding ungrateful. I know there are those who think we're just "living it up" over the pond. I guess the grass is always greener... The truth is, Cole goes to work everyday and Eva and I stay put... which is, of course, an enormous blessing and also provides me with great challenges, too. Like communicating with those around me only in simple terms, usually. It's hard to make new friends when you can barely have a conversation. Also, not having TV (that I understand) or a microwave or a drier, never having a babysitter. Not to mention the dramatic life-changes I faced right before leaving (no longer working, leaving friends behind, pausing my Premier business and the biggie - becoming a mom!). All of that (and more) has combined to leave me feeling sort of overwhelmed and probably even a tad depressed at times. But enough of the negative.

All of that being said, we recognize that this experience is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's been more than amazing to travel to places we would never otherwise see... truly incredible. I know I have let the challenges overwhelm me more than they should have. And I think Cole would say the same for himself. So I am resolving to stop feeling so paralyzed by any difficulties we've faced, and to enjoy the remainder of our time here to the fullest. And to put this little stinker to bed!