Monday, January 7, 2013

Fiesta Bowl

While we were "home" for Christmas, I didn't have a chance to do much blogging - so I wanted to backtrack and add a few entries about some fun times in December! One awesome Christmas gift this year was tickets to the Fiesta Bowl Game from my parents! This was everybody's first bowl game, so it was a special treat for all of us to be able to go. The whole environment surrounding the bowl game was exciting. Cole and I had missed an awesome season - we hold season tickets and usually get to see all of the home games, so we were especially excited to see the Wildcats play! We had an awesome time in Phoenix - we got to stay with Jess, see family we hadn't seen in a long time and enjoy the warm weather. We had great seats at the game. Only a Wildcat win would have made the trip better! ;) Here are some fun pictures from our time in Arizona!

All dolled up and ready to cheer on the Wildcats!
Lots of sunshine made us happy!! 
Auntie Jess with Eva.

Almost game time!
Say cheese! :)