Friday, May 24, 2013

More Normandie: Bayeaux and Mont Saint-Michel

At the top of Mont Saint-Michel.
During our stay in Normandie, we chose the small town of Bayeaux as our home base. A good friend had recommended staying there, and we are so glad we did. It was a beautiful, quiet small town and very near the D-Day sites. The cathedral in Bayeaux was incredible and we also stopped to see their famous tapestry.

Check out the lower left corner... this was a graphic tapestry! :)

I didn't get any photos of the amazing cathedral in Bayeaux, but it was pretty awesome... You can see the steeples here.

We spent one of our days on a trip to Mont Saint-Michel! It was gorgeous... We climbed to the top of the abbey (stroller and all! Ugh!) and used some audio guides while at the top. It's amazing that the structure could even be built on this little island. The tides determine if the island is connected to the mainland or surrounded by water and the views are spectacular all around! My photos do NO justice to this portion of our trip. For some amazing photos of Mont Saint-Michel, click here!

Neat story about this photo... Our driver stopped here to see if there were any sheep in the fields - there were not, but we did see a few chickens along the road. Anyway - a popular local dish is "salted sheep." I can't remember the French name, but the sheep graze on grass that's growing in and around salt water from the English Channel. They go out and graze all day, and return to their farm homes nearby at sunset. We just missed them! The view was beautiful, not a spectacular photo - but it was so green!