Friday, May 24, 2013

Work Trip | Road Trip

THIS is what Eva does at the beach! "Put me down, Mom!"
When we first arrived in Italy, Cole's boss mentioned sending him, along with is colleague Giovanni, to another facility located in Ortona... along the Adriatic coastline, near the beach! Naturally, Anna (Giovanni's wife) and I heard and immediately started trying to figure out how we could go, too! Well... Cole's boss made good on his promise. A few weeks ago, we took a six-hour road trip and stayed in Pescara. Giovanni and Anna drove on another hour and stayed with his parents in his hometown, Termoli.

The spring weather has been extremely rainy and cool, which most of our friends tell us is abnormal. Typically by now, the weather is warmer, sunnier, and just plain nicer. So our beachy vacay was a little windy and cool at times, but we still managed to fit in lots of sand and sun.

She loved the sea so much, she just wanted to.. put her face in it... ? Weird kid.

We were excited to see how Eva would act at the shore, so we headed straight to the beach Wednesday afternoon when we arrived. We weren't prepared for her to "jump right in." We didn't change into suits - just planned to hang out in the sand for awhile. She was really entertaining... it wasn't long before we had her stripped down to a diaper and there was sand everywhere. In her ears, eyes, mouth... She wanted to run straight into the sea! This little girl was definitely not holding still for photos.

Our hotel in Pescara was right along the shore and there was a wide sidewalk that stayed busy with walkers, runners, roller bladers and bike riders. We rented bikes from our hotel on Saturday morning and went for a nice ride. Pescara has a pedstrian/cyclist bridge over the inlet, which was really cool. We stopped at the top, out of breath, and took a few photos.

Then we headed back to the beach and I got a few more photos... This time with her swimming suit! :)

Saturday evening we drove to Giovanni's hometown for a quick tour of the city center and dinner with his parents. Termoli was a beautiful little town, the city center looked down over the beaches - an awesome place to grow up! Giovanni and Anna spend a few weeks back in Termoli each August, lucky them!

This band was exiting the entrance to Termoli's city center... right when we arrived!

Fishing hut along the shoreline...

We headed back to Giovanni's parents just in time to miss the storm!
Tomorrow we're off on our FINAL Italian adventure. It's bittersweet to be wrapping up our time in Italy, for sure... We are heading to Sardinia for a relaxing few days at the beach. Hopefully the rain stays away!