Saturday, June 1, 2013

Starting to Say Goodbye

Our hostess! :) 
If we learned anything from leaving Kansas, it's that saying goodbye is a painful process. We leave Italy June 15th, and the next two weeks are full of goodbyes that must be said... it's tough. Unfortunately, for me it's also emotional! I have found that there is just no easy way to do it...

We had a fantastic BBQ with some of Cole's coworkers recently. It was such a beautiful afternoon - full of delicious food and warm, sunny weather. The guys even threw around a rugby - Cole tried to teach them how to throw a spiral! The food was fantastic! We had grilled ribs, meat skewers, peppers and zucchini... There was a rice salad, lots of wine and delicious desserts, too. It felt like we ate all. day. long. :)

Marika kept saying that we would be eating Brontosaurus ribs. :) They were almost that big! Yum!!

These photos weren't staged at all. ;)

We have been incredibly blessed by these wonderful people and all they have done to make us feel welcome. We hope that someday we'll get to cross paths again. In the meantime, we'll take advantage of email, facebook and (for Cole at work) instant messaging to stay in touch as best we can...