Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye is not forever...

I keep telling myself that goodbye is not forever... but lately, "goodbye" feels so very final.

In addition to saying goodbye to my Uncle Tom and his family (they stopped in Como for two nights this week - I'll write more about their stay soon!), our tutor Dilva had us over for dinner last night. We had a wonderful evening and probably stayed later than we should have - it was just really tough to go... I've never before had to look someone in the eyes and part ways, not knowing if we'll ever get to see each other again. Dilva, especially, was more than just a teacher and resource for us during our time in Italy. She was also a very good friend - so kind and forgiving of our terrible efforts to learn Italian. We really connected with her and her wonderful family. We are so hopeful that we'll be able to see them again soon. Here's the email she wrote us today - such a sweet note which, of course, brought more tears!
Dear Amanda and Cole, I am not very good at writing Thank-You-Notes and saying Good-Bye or letting my feelings  out. I wonder why you Americans are so good at this kind of stuff – it must be a subject that you are taught in school, I suppose. Yet I feel like writing this short message to thank you for everything and for being our guests last night. We all enjoyed your company very much. I regret not spending more time with you while you were here… anyway, this is no time for regrets. 
As a reluctant, part-time teacher, I was very lucky to meet two kind, good-hearted students from Kansas who didn’t care too much about learning Italian, but still endured my grammar lessons with a broad smile and a grin. I really enjoyed your company. I will never forget you,  or your lovely daughter Eva (oh, she’s so funny J)
Buon viaggio! Dilva & Rest of Family