Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awesome God

For the last month or so, my youngest sister, Hannah, has been keeping me updated on Winfield High School senior Tyler Groom's heart condition... Tyler is a close friend of Hannah's boyfriend; his story is truly amazing. But - it's not over. He will have a long road to recovery, and still needs PRAYERS. Check out Tyler's CaringBridge website here.

If you take the time to read through the "journal" portion of the website, written by a nurse and friend of the Groom family, you're sure to cry tears of joy... This evening Tyler entered a surgery (at a heart hospital in Oklahoma City) to keep his heart strong enough to wait for a transplant. (Not the technical jargon, I know, but I'm just giving you the basics here.) The doctors were afraid his organs would begin shutting down, and this was the best option.

After they had already begun this first surgery, a HEART WAS FOUND! Had the heart been found after Tyler's operation was complete, there is no way he could have taken it. They would have had him wait three weeks recovery time before a transplant was even an option. The heart was transported to OKC, and given to Tyler. Can you imagine waking up with a "surprise" new heart! Wow!

Also take a look at the "guestbook" portion of Tyler's site... There have been tremendous amounts of prayer for Tyler... Check out his dad's post just before he went into surgery (Aug. 19th at 5:30 am). Goosebumps. God's timing was perfect, as always. Funny how that happens. Remember Tyler in your prayers tonight, and don't forget the donor's family, too.