Friday, August 22, 2008

Book Worm...

My "list" is slowly shrinking... At this point I have fully completed 5 items (wahoo!) and several others are a work in progress. This week I have read two books and pretty much neglected Cole. I'm reverting back to my old reading habits: ignoring everything and everyone around me, staying up way too late and straining my eyes until my vision is too blurry to make out the words. I'm hooked on these Janet Evanovich books - I purchased the first two box sets from and they arrived just in time for my birthday!

So here is a recap of this week's reading:

Two for the Dough - Stephanie Plum does it again... the novice bounty hunter tracks down 24 missing caskets, sees more dead dead men than she can handle, and reconnects with the sexy cop, Joe Morelli... She couldn't have done it without help from her crazy Grandma Mazur.

Three to Get Deadly
- Caught in a scandal, Stephanie hunts down the local candy store owner, and her friends in "the Burg" are less than thrilled with her pursuit of Uncle Mo, who can do no wrong. Lots of surprises in this one. Another gem.